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The accountants are professionals that help people and businesses to conserve and analyze financial data, respecting the laws and tax regulations and supporting some spending decisions. Thanks to the numerous areas of reference, today the accountants can specialize in numerous fields: think of those who dedicate themselves to public accounting, or those who specialize in management accounting, and so on. But what kind of training is required to become an accountant?

Most accounting jobs require at least an accountancy diploma or an economic degree. In Italy there are numerous technical institutes and universities that offer particularly competitive accounting programs, including notions of accounting principles, finance, management, economics, statistics and more. The above adds the importance of learning to work with accounting systems and tools such as spreadsheets and databases.

As regards job prospects, many accountants and auditors find work in companies or public bodies, although the possibility of doing a freelance job is certainly not excluded.

Moreover, many believe that jobs related to accounting are “recession-proof” jobs, considering that in every economic context individuals and organizations will still have to keep accounting and pay taxes! Beyond this, it is unfortunately evident that during the recent crisis many jobs in this sector have been lost.

In order to make the difference in this area, it is therefore important to specialize and achieve added values ​​with respect to “competition”. It is therefore better to acquire basic knowledge, but then choose the branch to which to dedicate your next commitment!

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