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At the “Tannoia” of Corato the experts debate on the new profession of accountant

Prof. Giuseppe Barbone, responsible for the orientation of the Institute, introduced the topics of the meeting, recalling that “in three evenings we will deal with the themes related to three historical professions: after that of the accountant, the figures of the surveyor and the land surveyor i whose profiles are formed in our School ”.

“It is the second year that our Institute has organized a series of workshops aimed at understanding what are the study paths in place at the Corato and Ruvo di Puglia sites and what are the career opportunities, or what the University Faculties can be to be attended at the end of the courses – stressed the head teacher prof. Nunzia Tarantinigreeting the experts, the students and their families.

I believe that today’s meeting will also be interesting for the children of the last year of Middle School because it counts a lot for them and their parents where and what brings the Course they are about to choose, such as the prospects after 5 years of study. We need to think about it now because 5 years pass soon. On December 5th we will inaugurate the new Technological Laboratory for Surveyors and on the 10th we will discuss and verify the use of the drone in agriculture by treating precision agriculture, the objective of the Agriculture Course now in its third year. Our school-work alternation courses include not only experiences at companies and professional offices but also a package of orientation hours, which we also carry out during workshops like tonight’s.

Marianna Lotito presented the accountant Giuseppe Procacci after informing about the initiatives to strengthen the communication and information of ITET through social media and a new look for the online site : “He comes from this school and has developed his profession in many Italian companies for various companies, thus returning to Corato as sales manager for ‘Olio Ribatti’. I ask him how the profession of accountant who is no longer the person appointed to balance company accounts has changed. Is that so or am I wrong? “

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