You never know what's going to happen at a Jam.

With the business scene now saturated with traditional networking-style events; Un-Conferences and 'Jams' are starting to take off.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, word of mouth referrals have never been more important to secure clients and grow your business. New statistics show that only 13% of print or online advertisements are actually acted upon by customers, in comparison to 75% of personal recommendations from friends or colleagues. This is where networking can be your number 1 lead generation strategy - but who really likes standing around awkwardly with a corny name badge and a warm glass of wine whilst business owners try to give your their generic business cards, in a desperate attempt to cover the whole event? 

This is where a new style of event has come into effect. 

Through targeting people who are pursuing their passions first - instead of the coveted office position - the more organic, open style conferences and workshops really get to to the core of the communities issues; and with the right mix of vibe and freedom, new innovative ideas start to procure. 

Some of the most recent past open forum events that have been held in Adelaide include Co-Create ADL, Trampoline Day and CollaborDate by Hub Adelaide, which have seen a diverse group of people from every possible background come to get something different out of the events. Whether it be just connecting with others who understand your viewpoint and passion, to a new way of solving a problem, to meeting people who have complimentary skill sets that you can collaborate with to grow your business - there is something for everyone at these events.

And guess what the best part is? They aren't predictable and boring! 


Check out upcoming events through Trampoline Day and Hub Adelaide and get on the future of networking!