No that's not a typo. Cirillo Hooper & Company has created a business out of predicting the future of accounting tech, so far it's working for us. These days I'm not in the business of accounting, rather I'm in the business of predicting the future of accounting tech and then making plans accordingly. In the accounting world, there a few key drivers that are going to fundamentally shift the face of my industry in my lifetime. It's not just the accounting game that's going to change, it's every game.

You can see from the chart below, that in human history each wave of innovation has had an increasingly larger effect on humanity, yet the duration of that innovation has been shorter and shorter. The next wave is commencing now and it's likely that the next is only five years away.

 In a recent speech I gave at my old high school, I explained that when my father was in business (in the 80s and 90s) you could sit on the same business model for two decades without facing a major disruption. I believe that these days it's closer to five years. Innovation is no longer a matter of competitive advantage, it's a matter of survival!

In a conversation with Philip Vafiadis, chairman of Innovyz, we got starting about the future of the tech sector and how Adelaide needs to ride the next wave of innovation rather than playing catch up on this current wave. That same evening, I watched Steve Jobs 2007 Apple launch speech, there's no doubt that the smartphone completely revolutionised the world, but that was 7 years ago. Every subsequent iteration of smartphone has been less and less impressive, which tells me that the days of this wave are numbered. Jobs finished his speech with the Wayne Gretzky quote, "I skate where the puck's going, not where it's been."  It's time for Adelaide to start skating to where the puck is going...

I have said it before and I still maintain that the next five years are going to be in:
  • Wearable Tech: Glasses and smart watches are going to become consumer staples
  • The Quantified Self: The collection of passive data will be able to give us insights into our behaviours to optimise health
  • Augmented Reality: Virtual displays are going to change the way we do everything
  • 3D Printing: This tech will become more affordable and more useful, soon we'll be printing everything
  • Block Chain: The underlying principle of bitcoin is an x-factor and has implications that transcend currency, that could disrupt all the things

Some further resources:
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