Phone/Email Manner

If you scored an interview, HR will probably call you in person to arrange a meeting with you. This is the first impression that you give to HR, if you see a strange (or private) phone number on your phone, do not ignore it! Answer it in a quiet place so you can have a good conversation on the phone. Meeting time and place would probably be discussed through the phone, make sure you do whatever you can to make yourself available for the meeting. And don't forget to send an email to HR to confirm the time and place of the interview, also thank them for the phone call.

Do as much research of the company as you can, the first question in an interview typically be ‘What do you know about our company?’ Thanks to internet, you can dig up all the information you need (news, history and people etc). From my experience, you can always score extra points if you can answer your question by incorporating the values of the company in your answer.

Prepare for the basic behavioural interview questions. You can easily find these online, prepare for the questions but do not try to memorise the answers people post on the internet and recite them back at your interviewers. The two most common questions are going to be, ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Why should we choose you?’ When you asked these types of questions don't be shy, remember you're trying to sell your skills to the interviewer. You need to be able to clearly state your skills, knowledge or experience and personal attributes to do the job better than others.   You need to think about how best to say things but at the end of the day be yourself, it's easy to spot a fake.