No that's not a typo. Cirillo Hooper & Company has created a business out of predicting the future of accounting tech, so far it's working for us. These days I'm not in the business of accounting, rather I'm in the business of predicting the future of accounting tech and then making plans accordingly. In the accounting world, there a few key drivers that are going to fundamentally shift the face of my industry in my lifetime. It's not just the accounting game that's going to change, it's.....read more
It's a new year, and I have been doing some musing about Adelaide's startup community; where it is and where it's going. I realised that one element missing from all the startup community rhetoric was the discussion about culture. Culture in this context is the simply defined as the customs, behaviour and symbols of the startup community. I've used the hashtag #startuplife to explain random events in my daily life that only people in a startup could appreciate; it made me realise that there is m.....read more

Bitcoin in Australia

By: Chris Hooper
In its simplest form Bitcoin is a currency, like the Australian dollar or the Euro. How it differs from traditional currencies, is that it is not controlled by any government and does not have physical characteristics; it exists only in the digital world. To that end when you look a little deeper it begins to resemble a hybrid between gold and fiat currency. For more information on the basics refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin As an accountant I am preoccupied with the econom.....read more

Happy New Year

By: Chris Hooper
Another year has past Cirillo Hooper & Company celebrates its second birthady. I am pleased to report the firm has grown 79% year on year in the face of some challenging economic conditions. Considering the horrific statistics on small business startup failures, I am grateful to still be alive, let alone growing at the pace we are. Markus and I are confident that the firm will continue to grow as we continue to implement more innovative technology solutions to further streamline our busi.....read more
Australia has been lucky. It is one of the few developed economies to not dive into recession during the ’08 global financial crisis, it has a Resources and Energy minister (Martin Ferguson) that can claim a resources boom of $270 billion in investment. However is Australia’s luck running out with the mining sector? Tom Albanese from Rio Tinto has an optimistic view claiming that RIO is still in a position with plenty of demand, however admitted that the growth rate wi.....read more

Why Adelaide?

By: Chris Hooper
I recently attended Trampoline Day (http://storify.com/ChrisHooper87/trampoline-day-26-may-2013) where I hosted a workshop on the local startup community. That later spilled into a session on a vision for Adelaide that really got me thinking. There was a lot of talk about the dreaded "Brain Drain" in Adelaide, where young people go off to major cities like Sydney, Melbourne or even Silicon Valley in some instances. To set a clear vision for Adelaide's startup community, one must first l.....read more
You never know what's going to happen at a Jam. With the business scene now saturated with traditional networking-style events; Un-Conferences and 'Jams' are starting to take off. As the world becomes increasingly connected, word of mouth referrals have never been more important to secure clients and grow your business. New statistics show that only 13% of print or online advertisements are actually acted upon by customers, in comparison to 75% of personal recommendations from friend.....read more
Phone/Email Manner If you scored an interview, HR will probably call you in person to arrange a meeting with you. This is the first impression that you give to HR, if you see a strange (or private) phone number on your phone, do not ignore it! Answer it in a quiet place so you can have a good conversation on the phone. Meeting time and place would probably be discussed through the phone, make sure you do whatever you can to make yourself available for the meeting. And don't forget to sen.....read more
Goon and Pringles, the bootstrap culture of the Adelaide Startup Scene. This month Google commissioned PWC to research the Australian technology startup sector. If you want to read the full report you can read it here (http://www.digitalpulse.pwc.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/PwC-Google-The-startup-economy-2013.pdf), but feed back from many was: Too Long; Didn't Read, so I've decided to provide a summary here and also bring it into an Adelaide specific context. Current State: 1.....read more
I recently downloaded an app called, "Run, Zombies! (https://www.zombiesrungame.com/)" which turns your typicall run round the block into an exciting adventure that has you running for your life from a horde of the undead. It's certainly made my exercise regime more interesting and I can't wait to go running tonight. As most my friends would know, I've also been known to camp myself in front of the Playstation or Xbox for hours on end over the weekend. Why? Because games are fun! My poin.....read more
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