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Waleed Zafar
Accounting Intern
Waleed is currently in his final year of Bachelor of Commerce degree with majors in Accounting & Corporate Finance at the University of Adelaide. He has a multicultural background as he has studied & lived in Pakistan, Bahrain, Malaysia and now Australia.

Through his continuous strive for personal growth & development, Waleed joined AIESEC, a global youth-run organisation and is currently the Director of University & External Relations.

Alongside his studies, he actively participates in extra-curricular activities to broaden his knowledge and gain practical experiences. Waleed is currently in the grand finals of the ZEN Entrepreneurship Challenge 2012 for his involvement with Fit-Us-In. Being part of this competition has allowed him to develop his critical thinking abilities, enhance his presentation skills and widen his professional network.

Waleed has a keen interest in travelling, meeting new people and keeping up to date with global current affairs.

"It has been a great experience for me as I have been able to gain hands-on experience in dealing with technical accounting work and also been able to set career goals and objectives through taking part in the numerous career development exercises and mentoring sessions at the firm."