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Markus Cirillo Adelaide Accountant
Markus Cirillo AdvDipAcc RCA
Partner - Management Services

Before he started in the field of accounting, Markus studied fitness and nutrition. As a teenager he started his own personal training business, running a small studio from home. He also had the opportunity to dabble in a personal interest in information technology as a freelance graphic designer.

His work on his own business lead him to develop an interest in business administration. This would lead him to study an Advanced Diploma of Accounting. It was then that he would learn the family trade, working for several years under his father Giulio Cirillo.

In line with the firm's ongoing commitment to professional development, Markus has a long term intention of doing his Masters at Flinders University.

Markus has an extensive working knowledge of the retail and manufacturing sectors. His expertise is in the business services area, specialising in bookkeeping, management accounting and process efficiency. He has a knack for helping his clients manage cashflow and ultimately boost their bottom line.