As a graduating uni student, the main thing on my mind now is finding a job! How do I find a job? It’s the one question one the mind of every graduate. My first suggestion is networking. The fact is, that most jobs get filled before they are even advertised, so you need to get out and start networking with the decision makers in your industry. Just like Jemma's Dating Your Customer's Series (/posts/dating-your-customers), you need to "date" prospective e.....read more
A wise person once told me, the fortune is in the follow-up. After attending The One Day MBA last week I learnt an interesting statistic – that being that 50% of people don’t follow up after the initial meeting. What the hell guys?! If you’ve just invested in the first 3 stages of customer dating, or real life relationship dating, had a smashing time on your first date and maybe even snuck in a cheeky goodbye kiss, WHY WOULD YOU NOT CALL THE GIRL THE NEXT DAY? I sup.....read more

Who Are You?

By: Elouise Dukalskis
Learning valuable life lessons in Nerf warfare from Chris This week, as the latest inductee into the Cirillo Hooper & Company fan-club of AIESEC interns, I was given a simple order: tell us about yourself. Easy request, right? Well, apparently not! A simply 300 word info dump that could’ve been taken straight from my resume took hours of ho-humming, finger tapping and – scarily – introspection of my short 19 years so far. And it was purely because .....read more
“Better to have a short life, that is full of what you like doing - than a long life that is spent in a miserable way”. Couldn’t have said it better myself Alan Watts, but then why doesn’t everyone actually do this? Oh that’s right, money. Money makes the world go round, and as much as I try not to conform to the materialistic society that we live in, you can do a lot more good with money than you can do without. When I was 18, I worked in Ke.....read more

Money as little Soldiers

By: Chris Hooper
In the spirit of my earlier blog (/posts/my-favourite-business-television), I was watching "business" television on Sunday. I was pointed to a show by a friend called "The Shark Tank (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shark_Tank_(TV_series))" essentially an American version of "Dragon's Den (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon%27s_Den_(UK))" where entrepreneurs pitch their idea's to investors. I was immediately impressed by the show as it was dealing with a lot of m.....read more
Startup Weekend (http://adelaide.startupweekend.org/) is all about experiences. It was an opportunity to experience the passion, the competition, the atmosphere and to experience the community. If I did not go to Startup Weekend, I would not have known: That there are so many people with creative nature that could inspire me That my idea could be loved by so many people and that they would join me to help build it That my team could build a business within 48 hours That we coul.....read more
So what did you do last weekend? Enjoyed the sun? Maybe went down the beach? Had a relaxing Sunday morning breakfast? Well I’m going to give you a little glimpse of how my weekend looked, and let me tell you it wasn’t all eggs benedict and X-Factor repeats - it was actually the most challenging and exhausting 54 hours ever! Startup Weekend Adelaide (http://adelaide.startupweekend.org/) is a global initiative and space creation for budding entrepreneurs, seasoned bu.....read more
Funny name, great product. ToiletNow (http://toiletnowapp.com/)was pitched on Friday of Startup Weekend as an app that helped users locate, rate and populate toilets in your vicinity. I liked the idea, I liked the platform and I liked the team. What had me stumped was, "How is this going to make any money?" Not that many people were going to be willing to pay for the app and it would be a challenge to make much money off of advertisement. Then in a mind-blowing plot twist, about 4 minut.....read more
Unless you've been living under a rock (or don't use Twitter) you would have known that Startup Weekend Adelaide went down on the weekend. The event was a part of the Global Startup Battle tied in with Global Entrepreneurs Week. 133 cities world wide participated in the program and a Twitter hashtag battle was conducted to drive media engagement. #SWADL held first place briefly last night but ultimately settled into sixth place. Either way it was a massive achievement for the little old Adel.....read more

Energy = Success

By: Jemma Schilling
Did you know that energy can come from other places than a coffee cup? Neither did I until recently! Shocking I know, but as good old Wikipedia informed me, energy is always an indispensable prerequisite for performing work. In a business context, this means that the energy and vitality of individual and organisations depend on the quality of the connections among people within the company, and between them and their clients. Energy is also an individual thing, and I believe there a.....read more
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